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Global Learning

With our Global Learning program, we want to promote respect for other cultures, ways of life and world views, and shed light on our own position as well as individual and societal options for action in order to jointly find sustainable solutions for the world.

Global learning motivates people to actively shape the globalization process in a forward-looking way and promotes dialogue at eye level between countries in the global North and South.

Here you can find all the information about our learning materials for at home use, as preparation for class and of course as part of the classroom experience. Whether alone, in a small group or even with the whole class – the interactive excursions guide you through varied topics. A trip to Haiti, Honduras or Namibia and learn a lot of new things about these countries? No problem!

Plus, the whole thing is free!

In addition to learning, we care about the future of the global community, so with the Toolbox for Global Citizens, we give you all the tools you need to become active yourself and help shape a world in solidarity. Which area do you want to explore first?