News from Haiti

News from Haiti
17. Juli 2023 Marie Wachinger
In 2023

A challenging school year is coming to an end in Haiti. Currently, all students are doing the final national exams and the summer holidays will start on July 24. St. Luke Foundation will offer Summer Programmes for children to play, do sports, dance, and get a meal during the summer vacation. And of course to distract them from the insecurity all around them. Staff and students have to decide each morning whether it is safe enough for them to go to work/school, and it is difficult to take pictures at the school due to the risk of violence. We admire all local staff who do everything to keep school running. However, the funding of the school is always a problem. So if you can, please consider donating through the link in our bio that will lead you to our donation page. Thank you!

Illustration by @‌sossolty

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