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Welcome to PEN PAPER PEACE e.V.!

PEN PAPER PEACE — With our educational work in Germany, we strengthen respect for different cultures, ways of life and world views. We combine this with a critical view of European colonialism. We encourage people to reflect on their own positions, highlight opportunities for action and promote dialogue between countries in the global North and South.

Additionally, we raise funds to financially support projects led by local experts in Haiti, Honduras and Namibia. These countries are also the focus of the teaching materials we develop.

Such local projects include funding schools, the teaching of manual skills and childcare, and the support of single parents in completing their education. This creates safe spaces, strengthens civil societies and communities in the long run.

What do our partners in the Global South want? How can we create good cooperation despite systemically perpetuated power asymmetries?


 In Haiti, Honduras and Namibia, we provide financial support for educational projects. At the same time, our global learning modules take a critical look at European colonial history and its effects.

Learning Platform 

With our Global Learning offer, we aim to promote respect for other cultures, ways of life and world views, to shed light on our own position as well as individual and societal options for action in order to find sustainable solutions for the world together.