PPP Hon LogoHow do you design and sew a shoe? How does electricity get into the socket? What do you have to consider when welding? And what is actually the difference between sewing and tailoring? These and other questions can easily be answered by young people like Teodoro after they have completed the vocational preparation program in the "Talleres" (span. for workshops) of nph Honduras. This is not a matter of course. Although a good education is very important in Honduras, the vast majority of children leave school after the 6th grade with a low level of knowledge and no prospects for further schooling or vocational training. This is because they often have to go to work.

Teodoro decided to join the carpentry program in the Talleres and is now a professional in his field, so that he can also help younger students when they are at a loss. The Talleres gave him a future prospect  that would otherwise have been unthinkable for an orphan like him. Teodoro's big dream is to work as an engineer.
(In accordance with our child protection policy, the adolescent's name and picture have been changed for his protection.)

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The workshops are located in the community of La Venta, about an hour's drive from the capital Tegucigalpa. The local community also benefits in the medium to long term from more skilled workers and less emigration. The vocational preparation project enables disadvantaged young people to gain practical experience in various trades in a 3-year program. The choice of seven different trades - from cosmetics to welding - helps the adolescents to develop their individual potential under professional guidance from certified teachers. The program ends with a nationally recognized examination. This is an important prerequisite for further qualification as a trained specialist. All participants attend the neighboring secondary school at the same time. This thorough training of the adolescents improves the supply of skilled workers in the long term and thus promotes the development of the local economy.


Noe David, cabinetmaking workshop instructor

"I have been working for over two years for NPH Honduras. I love sharing my knowledge with the students and what really moves me is thinking about how useful this can be in the future for them. The most important part about cabinetmaking is being creative and proactive. I think that these two abilities are very important not just for the workshop, but for every area in their lives.

, sewing workshop instructor

"I have over nine years working for NPH Honduras. What moves me is seeing the performance of my students' techniques and skills. It is very inspiring for me to see their develpment especially in the markets (inside NPH), where they can commercialize what they have made with a lot of effort."


, welding workshop instructor

"Welding is an art and it has a high chance of being commercialized. For me it is very that the students learn very well so in the future they can have an income. What moves me is to share my knoledge with people that really want to learn and achieve
their goals."

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