In 1999, an inspired group of young Haitians, together with nph ("Nuestros pequenos Hermanos" - in Haiti called "Nos petits frères et soeurs"), started the first programs of the Fondation St. Luc. They work in the densely disadvantaged neighborhoods around Port-au-Prince and maintain simple medical clinics and schools.

Alissa Jung travels to Haiti for the first time. Moved by what she had experienced, she launches the initiative SCHOOLS FOR HAITI. The goal is that students in Germany contribute to enabling more children in Haiti to attend school through school sponsorships and self-organized fundraising campaigns. In addition, they learn how to take responsibility in a globally interconnected world and how to stand up for a cause. The donations go to the St. Emma and St. Nicolas schools of the Fondation St. Luc.

2008 Haiti 1

The SCHOOLS FOR HAITI project is launched. It enables German children and adolescents to look beyond their own nose and invites them to learn about the life and situation of their peers in Haiti. We visit schools and report on similarities and differences between everyday life in Germany and Haiti. Together we work out the importance of education for fair life chances. With our work, we support the Sustainable Development Goals, especially in the area of education and poverty reduction.

The terrible earthquake in January 2010 destroys both schools and the entire infrastructure of Port-au-Prince.
The Fondation St. Luc is officially founded in the fall of 2010 in order to be able to help in a more sustainable way. It is now a recognized 501(c)3 with the task to support programs in Haiti.

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Just like the Fondation St. Luc, we also found the association Pen Paper Peace e.V. in order to be able to help even more sustainably. Our partners St. Luc/ nph find a way to continue to offer the children stability in everyday life despite the devastating situation on site. The lessons of St. Emma take place in a provisional school built with poles and tarpaulins. St Nicolas shares a small brick school building with another school and teaches in the afternoon shift.

Teaching still takes place in the temporary schools, which provide a safe haven for around 400 children despite the difficult conditions. Our local partners start to look for suitable plots of land for new school buildings.


In cooperation with nph deutschland e.V. we are able to buy two plots of land in spring 2013. The funds for the purchase of the plots of land and for the construction of the enclosing walls are generated by the successful nationwide campaign work in schools and thanks to private donors from PEN PAPER PEACE.

Thanks to BILD hilft e.V. "Ein Herz für Kinder", the construction of the schools can already start in mid-September 2013. The construction work is completely carried out by local experts. Besides an engineer, bricklayers, painters, carpenters and an architect are working on the projects. A total of around 30 employees are involved in the construction. In order to ensure that the schools are hurricane- and earthquake-proof, special emphasis is placed on a solid foundation.

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2014 11 HAI St Emma Schule    66 min

St. Nicolas is already completed in October 2014, just in time for the new school year. For St. Emma, the foundation with the transverse reinforcements can be completed in January and February 2014. Due to material bottlenecks and political unrest, the completion is delayed.

At the beginning of 2015, St. Emma is also completed and the pupils can move into their new classrooms. In September 2015, both school buildings are opened with an inauguration ceremony.

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More than 600 children are now learning in the two schools every day. In a safe and protected environment they can also play and find a second home.

Thanks to a grant from the Town&Country Foundation, we are able to carry out a hygiene project in the St. Nicolas primary school. An essential part of the project is training in hygiene and disease prevention, which is carried out by two experienced Haitian members of the pedagogical team of the St. Luc Foundation. The focus lies on disease prevention, in particular the prevention of the infection and spread of cholera, which has been a real threat in Haiti since October 2010. After the workshops, each school child receives a hygiene kit for him*herself and his*her family which contains toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, body lotion and toilet paper. A total of 350 hygiene kits is distributed.

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Installation of a drinking water system in the St. Nicolas primary school
Thanks to the support of BILD hilft e.V. "Ein Herz für Kinder" a water treatment system of the proven brand 'SUN SPRING' can be installed by local experts. Now healthy drinking water is available for the school children and their families. This is not a matter of course in Haiti, where even today 40% of the population has no access to clean drinking water due to lack of infrastructure, poverty and repeated environmental disasters.

Trinkwasser    Hygienekits   

After the great success of the first hygiene project, the Town&Country Foundation decides to continue the project. We are very happy about the continuation of the project in St. Emma which improves the hygienic situation of about 300 children and their families and creates an awareness for disease prevention. In addition, the school's sanitary facilities are equipped with urgently needed hygiene items such as soap and disinfectants.

Installation of a drinking water system in the St. Emma primary school.
BILD hilft e. V. "Ein Herz für Kinder" and the support of committed supporting members and donors make it possible to build another drinking water system in Haiti, this time in our second school St. Emma. More than 300 children and their families, 16 employees and the immediate neighbourhood benefit from the clean drinking water on site. The installation of the plant is carried out by local experts.

Mail pou ou - e-mail for you
In January 2018, our new project "Mail pou ou!", that is Kreyol for "e-mail for you!", is launched. Our aim is that pupils from Germany and Haiti get into direct contact with each other via an e-mail exchange and learn from each other at eye level. The project is made possible by a one-off donation from the SKala Initiative. In both St. Emma and St. Nicolas, a small computer cabinet will be set up for the project and a computer science teacher will be employed to teach computer science on a half-day basis at both schools. The school children will thus be enabled to use computers in the future, which will considerably improve their job opportunities in Haiti.

In 2019, as part of the "24 good deeds" Christmas calendar, we initiate a project to provide basic medical care for the students at the two elementary schools. The initial examinations of the children by Haitian specialists take place in both schools in February 2020. About one third of the children suffer from health problems such as flu-like infections, skin and fungal infections, and intestinal parasites. The affected children are treated directly with medication or referred to surrounding hospitals for further treatment. Due to the Corona crisis, the second scheduled check-up has to be cancelled for the time being. However, during the lockdown, the medical team at St. Luc creates illustrated information boards on social distancing and hygiene rules to prevent the spread of Covid-19 around the elementary school. At the end of August 2020, the joyful news reaches us: our local partner Fondation St. Luc can reopen the two schools St. Emma and St. Nicolas under a strict hygiene concept. Safety measures include small learning groups, the wearing of masks, and mandatory hand washing and physical distancing. To our relief, both schools remain open until the end of the year, allowing the 600 students to catch up on the material they missed. After the lockdown, the primary health care project can finally continue in September 2020.

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Thanks to the excellent work of our local partner Fondation St. Luc, the schools can remain open despite the strong political unrest and the pandemic, and the students can catch up on their graduation. In addition, the primary health care project can be continued. In our international writing competition for children and adolescents, 6 students participate and submit wonderful texts.