Schools for Haiti - since 2008 working step by step towards the goal

Since school attendance in Haiti also costs money in public schools, 25 percent of all children in Haiti have no access to education. In both of our schools, St. Emma and St. Nicolas, more than 600 school children learn to read, write and calculate without having to pay for school. Alongside access to education, the children also receive a daily structure and a loving learning environment. Since they only speak Creole, it is particularly important for their future that they also learn French, the second official language of the country, at school. This will give them better future career opportunities.

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Employees in Haiti

Haiti Mitarbeiter
I am Ophésien PIERRE, I work as President of the Educational Council of the St Luc-Haiti Foundation.

My motivation lies in the work of helping the most vulnerable people and contributing to the transformation of young people, since development comes through training and education.

Although everyone has different needs and priorities, the most important thing is life. As a Haitian, my greatest wish is to see Haitians living in better conditions.  

Despite the terrible situation in Haiti, the Education Sector of the St. Luc Foundation that I direct has been able to transform the lives of many young people. We actively prevent them from taking the path of banditry through training and education. 

In the future, I would like to see PenPeperPeace projects cover more St. Luke Foundation schools to encourage many more children in need to go to school and in some cases receive social support.

I greatly appreciate the support that PenPeperPeace has already given to the most vulnerable in Haiti through the St. Luc Foundation. This aid has enabled a good number of children to go to school and avoid the path of juvenile delinquency. I know it is not easy in these difficult times and global crisis, but together we will overcome the challenges. A big thank you on behalf of every student!

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