In one of the most disadvantaged areas of Port-Au-Prince/ Haiti, we have been supporting the two schools St. Emma and St. Nicolas since 2008. In this way, we enable about 600 children a year to attend school free of charge and offer them a second safe home. After a setback due to the destruction of the schools by the earthquake in 2010, we were able to start the construction of the new schools in 2013 thanks to the great support of the donors, and they were solemnly reopened in 2015.


In May 2017, we got to know the projects "Pasos Pequeñitos" (in German "Little Steps") and "Talleres" (in German "Workshops") in Honduras and decided to become active there as well. The "Pasos Pequeñitos" daycare center in the capital city of Tegucigalpa gives young single mothers the opportunity to finish their apprenticeship while their children are cared for free of charge in a safe and loving environment.
The vocational preparation project "Talleres" enables disadvantaged young people to gain practical experience in various crafts in a 3-year program under the guidance of Honduran professionals. The program ends with a nationally recognized examination. This is an important prerequisite for further qualification as a trained specialist.


Since November 2020, we have been supporting the "Baumgartsbrunn" elementary school in Namibia, which is attended by around 200 students. The children come mainly from scattered farms as well as from unofficial settlements in the capital Windhoek. During our first visit in 2019, we learned that the boarding school, which belongs to the now state-run school, is threatened with closure. Here we would like to support!

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