The project SCHOOLS FOR HAITI introduces children and youth to a broader horizon and invites them to learn about the life of those their own age in Haiti. Since 2008, we have been visiting schools in Haiti and reporting on the life of the students there, and the differences to life in Germany. With our work we support the gobal sustainable development goals, especially in the field of education and poverty reduction.

With school sponsor-partnerships and self-organized fundraisers, students from Germany contribute to making it possible for children in Haiti to attend school. Additionally, they learn how to take responsibility in a global world and how to work for a good cause. These skills can also be used in the future for their interests in Germany. Through the positive experience of helping Haiti, they also learn participation in their own democracy, reflect their privileged position and strengthen their social trust.

Curious? For some visual impressions of our project actvities in Germany, click on the tiles below. We have listed some some ideas for participation for schools. Just click on the "Get involved"-tile.

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