According to this motto, PEN PAPER PEACE e.V. has been committed to more fairness in education in Haiti for 10 years now.

The statutes of PEN PAPER PEACE e.V. anchor the political domestic work with children and young people. In this context, we are committed to strengthening the educational concept of "global learning" throughout Germany.

Global learning aims at the training of individual and collective action competences in the spirit of worldwide solidarity. It promotes respect for other cultures, ways of life and world views, sheds light on the preconditions of one's own position and enables people to find sustainable solutions to common problems. 

Global learning thus motivates people to actively shape the process of globalisation in a forward-looking manner and promotes dialogue at eye level between countries of the global North and South.

We think that's great and have therefore developed projects for students that build bridges between Haiti and Germany and thus make Global Learning possible! For teachers, we offer further training to integrate Global Learning into the classroom in a meaningful way.

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