Pen Paper Peace has been around for 10 years! Of course we want to celebrate that and we invite you to join us! Register here: 


Register now, since the there is only a limited number of spots available:

September 18th from 13:00.

With the slogan “how to" we will organize a digital festival full of interactive workshops, music, but also information about our association and projects to celebrate Pen Paper Peace and our international community.

The whole festival will be a digital one, so you can participate no matter where you are. Follow us on our social media channels or subscribe to our newsletter to always stay up to date!
What else
And that was not the end of it! Many of our partners gifted us with awesome vouchers and presents. We would like to pass those on to you, our donors - since presents are part of birthdays, aren’t they? Just donate the amount of your choice for our educational projects in Haiti, Honduras and Namibia (recommended donation from 5 EUR) and you might get one of our birthday presents! Here you can find the donation campaign and all terms. Want to donate directly? Then just press here.

10yearsPPP savethedate
One thing was certain since the beginning of the year: we will celebrate our birthday in a very special way! After weeks of planning, we are proud to present the 10yearsPPP festival.
So get out your calendar and mark September 18, 2021!

Workshops, live-music, (online) get togethers and surprises will be happening throughout the day. To be consistent with our international community, the event will take place online with participation opportunities from all over the world.

Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to stay up to date. Much more information and announcements will follow in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your support and interest in PEN PAPER PEACE! Without you, we would have one less reason to celebrate this special year!