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Deine Spende hilft! Danke dafür!

11 Euro ermöglichen den Kauf eines Stuhles für die Vorschule in Haiti

22 Euro ermöglichen die Anschaffung einer eine Schautafel zu einem Unterrichtsthema (Mathe, Grammatik...) für einen Klassenraum in Haiti

45 Euro ermöglichen den Kauf einer Schuluniform und eines Rucksackes für ein Kind in Haiti

108 Euro ermöglichen den Kauf eines Klassensatzes an Schulbüchern für unsere Schulen in Haiti

440 Euro kostet es im Monat eine Klasse in unseren Schulen in Haiti zu unterrichten

4050 Euro ermöglichen für ein Schuljahr die Krankenversicherung für kleinere Verletzungen unserer haitianischen Schüler
The project SCHOOLS FOR HAITI enables German children and young people to think outside the box and invites them to look into the life and situation of their peers in Haiti. Since 2008 we have been visiting schools and reporting on similarities and differences between German and Haitian everyday life. Together we work on the importance of education for fair life chances. With our work we support the goals for sustainable development, especially in the areas of education and poverty reduction.

With school sponsorships and self-organized fundraising campaigns, students from Germany help to ensure that children in Haiti can attend school. They also learn how they can take on responsibility in a globally networked world and get involved in a cause. In the future, they will also be able to apply these skills to their concerns in Germany. Through the positive experience of helping Haiti, they also learn to participate in their own democracy, reflect on their privileged position and strengthen their social trust.

Would you also like to get involved for peers in Haiti? How wonderful! Maybe your best friend will join in? Or your whole class or your sports group? Together it is always a little easier and even more fun.

Here are a few ideas:

Sponsorship for a school class

Get involved with the whole class and take over the sponsorship for a school class in Haiti! We will be happy to put you in touch so that you can send letters, photos or emails and see exactly what your help is doing.

Donation run in favour of PEN PAPER PEACE

Your school's having a fund-raiser? Collects for access to education and enables children who otherwise could not go to school to learn to read, write and do arithmetic.

Cake or waffle sale during the break

Do you enjoy baking? Whether at the next school party or during the big break: a table is set up quickly. I'm sure everyone at your school will be happy about hot waffles or homemade cakes.

Tombola at the school festival

Anna, Emma and Tara made a raffle for PEN PAPER PEACE at a school festival. To get exciting prizes for the raffle, they simply wrote to all the companies they thought were cool and asked them for donations in kind. They also asked all parents of the school if they could contribute something. They wrote an email to all the parent representatives and forwarded it to all parents of their class. It was good that they started many weeks before the festival. So you had enough time and everything worked out great.

Play and concert

Another way to raise funds for SCHOOLS FOR HAITI is to sponsor theatre performances or concerts by donating the entrance fee. Don't forget to show your commitment: with a self-made poster, in the program booklet or a note at the box office.

Flea market

Is it time to clear out and make room for new things? Surely there will be a flea market where you can give other people great pleasure with your old things. Don't forget to draw attention to your commitment on a poster if you donate the proceeds or part of the proceeds to PEN PAPER PEACE.

You have another idea? Or have you already become active? Write us an email, we look forward to hearing from you. We will gladly publish your photo here and report on your heroic deed! Please send mails to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.
Oltre al nostro impegno sul campo ad Haiti, abbiamo lanciato progetti in Germania con l’obiettivo di mettere in connessione i giovani tedeschi con i loro coetanei ad Haiti.

Tra i nostri obiettivi principali, infatti, figura anche quello di incentivare un confronto tra gli studenti europei e quelli haitiani, che possa mettere in discussione modelli di comportamento e di pensiero precostituiti, offrire opportunità nuove di guardare al mondo e alle situazioni di svantaggio che ci circondano.

In questa sezione offriamo una panoramica dettagliata dei successi che abbiamo raggiunto in questi anni in Germania.

Tra questi, la mostra fotografica “Che cosa hai imparato?” ha visto l’attiva partecipazione di studenti tedeschi ed haitiani, oltre che di alcune personalità del mondo dello spettacolo.

Tramite concerti e flashmobs organizzati da PEN PAPER PEACE e dagli studenti delle scuole della Germania, con il coinvolgimenti dei Glasperlenspiel e di Milow, siamo riusciti a lanciare importanti campagne di fundraising per il progetto SCUOLE PER HAITI.

Con le nostre attività con le scuole abbiamo avuto l’opportunità di presentare i nostri progetti agli studenti in giro per la Germania e durante la Berlinale. Inoltre, Malin, la nostra ambasciatrice studentesca, ha potuto condividere con gli altri studenti la sua esperienza sul campo ad Haiti.

In fine, il nostro Winter Party 2016 è stato un evento molto importante per ringraziare di persona i nostri sostenitori ed amici per l’impegno dimostrato alla nostra organizzazione.