In 2008, we started to support children and young people in Haiti and launched the campaign SCHOOLS FOR HAITI. In the meantime, thanks to the help of private donors, and also through the commitment of schoolchildren in Europe, around 600 Haitian children from the disadvantaged quarters of Port-au-Prince can attend school every day and learn to read, write and do arithmetic.

After four successful years, the association PEN PAPER PEACE e.V. was founded in 2011 to be able to work even more actively and to further expand the network between European and Haitian schools.

Since 2019 we have been expanding our projects worldwide. For example, we now also support the day care center "Pasos Pequeñitos" (in English "Small Steps") and thus give young single mothers the opportunity to finish their education while the children are cared for free of charge in a safe and loving environment.

Since November 2020, we have been supporting the Baumgartsbrunn elementary school in Namibia, which is attended by around 200 students. The children come mainly from scattered farms as well as from unofficial settlements in the capital Windhoek.

We are also engaged in political work with children and young adolescents in Europe. In doing so, we want to encourage independent thinking, explain global connections and their influences on people, and point out possibilities for action without paternalism. On our learning platform, various digital learning formats are available to students and teachers free of charge. The topics focus on Haiti, Namibia and Honduras. A toolbox is also available online for students' own social engagement.

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Dr. Alissa Jung // Director of Board Dr. Marie Wachinger // Project Manager
...started all of this and she won't stop!                  ... holds all the threads together.

Milena                  Verena Mink
Milena Jung // Vice Director of Board Verena Mink
...gets involved in wherever is needed. ... brings "Global Learning" to the schools

Luca in Haiti                

 Luca Marinelli Nora Schmidt
...our Italian foreign correspondent. ... always has a good idea.

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Denise Piesker // Treasurer  Malin Bornemann
... keeps the books perfectly. our social media expert

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Felix Rachor Hannah Holste
...magically creates living photos. a co-founder of the Future Lab and part of the social media team


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